Dar Es Salaam

Lots of news since Nairobi, but very little opportunity for internet! So here we are on the road again, leaving the beautiful Kipepeo Camp and travelling quickly towards Iringa.

The past few days have been very challenging: I managed to pick up Bronchitis (“a bad chest infection”) and the leaders took me off the bus to go and see the doctor so I’ve been prescribed with 3 kinds of drugs and a cough medicine, which seems to be helping a lot. I’m feeling a lot better, after a good couple of nights’ rest in the beach hut, and was still able to attend the national We Have Faith concert in Tanzania, which went very well. The Vice President attended, I was interviewed by a couple of national TV/radio stations in Tanzania, after speaking on stage, which was exciting 😀

I helped to run a successful photo petition campaign, collecting about 200 messages on a whiteboard, with people’s faces, which can be viewed at http://dearworldleaders.wordpress.com or http://www.flickr.com/photos/wehavefaithcaravan/sets/72157627966683387/show/

The modem (GPRS/EDGE) connection on the bus isn’t going to let me put up many images with this post, sadly, but they are ready to go next time it’s better!

13000 petitions were collected in Tanzania, and now we’re travelling on to Malawi! We are quickly learning how to speak sensitively about the issues locally affecting communities in Africa, and the best language to use to engage the people we meet with our campaign. The most exciting piece of news from the journey is that the BBC and CNN are wanting to cover our campaign! There is so much to do! We are going strong, and our leaders will hear the African voice – WE HAVE FAITH: ACT NOW FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE!

P.S. We saw some beautiful wildlife (Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Gazelles, Buffalo, Monkeys etc.) and drove through the Baobab valley, full of Baobab tress, symbolic of one of our sponsors, and also the UNFCCC COP17 logo.


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