Two extremely busy days and 10,000 signatures today!

All is well in Kenya! This is our last night in the University accommodation, before we embark on our 3 weeks under canvas on the road to Durban…

Last night was dance and song training for the caravan, and we had some great fun, learning all the routines for the concerts:

This morning, we saw the trucks for the first time, and took our maiden journey into the centre of Nairobi for the first of our climate concerts and campaigning days!

The Norwegians on the bus (yes, we have a table for our “workshopping” for Durban and the campaign, on our journey!):

Many Africans gathered at Nairobi’s memorial park, sitting on the bank to watch the amazing performances on stage:

Petition boxes were filling up fast, as people poured into the venue to see what we were shouting and singing about. Lots of interest and enthusiasm about climate action, and an attentive audience, to the campaign as well as the musical entertainment 🙂

Eventually, we run out of blank petition cards, so had to be creative again to continue campaigning to this brilliantly receptive crowd!

After a very successful day, and a lot of hard work, the team gathered outside the memorial park, for celebrations, singing and dancing in true African style 😀

A conga line quickly formed as the atmosphere was buzzing, and chants of “Climate Justice” broke out, as well as smaller groups of singers and dancers…. it was the sort of spontaneous celebration founded in joy, that could not be choreographed if you asked, or ever reproduced with the same gusto!


Beautiful music….

On return to the Multimedia University, we were just in time for dinner at 7:30pm, and then spent quite a lot of time gathering people to count our spoils from the day – a.k.a. THE PETITIONS! We ended up with 10,000 which was fantastic, but we will aim higher and higher every time! Still this put huge smiles on the dedicated campaigners’ faces as we turned in for the night. The world leaders have a very Big Ask coming their way…

That’s it from me today. Particular requests to sign the online petition at and perhaps also the Time for Justice petition, with a photo message to the UNFCCC… Thanks and best wishes to everyone!


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