An Evening of Entertainment

The evening began with a draft statement from the conference to the COP (Conference of Parties) in Durban. This turned out to be quite a mission, with everyone wanting their own wording, and I imagine it reflected some of what goes on in drawing up some of the official UN texts!

Spent quite a bit of time today concerning myself with the helping the organisational team secure visas, and account for everyone travelling. There is certainly much organising behind this caravan, and I think everyone is feeling the pressure at the moment, as we prepare to leave. We have more logistics meeting tomorrow, and I hope finally that I will meet Prince from the DR Congo, since I believe he will arrive finally on the bus after travelling through Rwanda! This will be a very joyful moment for me, after trying to support for him to participate.

The evening has been filled with celebration, music, dance and entertainment from a variety of countries and cultures. Norway performed some songs from their Tensing group, and South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Kenya also performed  traditional and dances & songs for us. I was particularly captivated by a young rapper from Kenya, but I’m not sure how well the sound clip I recorded actually captured his talent (& screaming marks some quite impressive break dancing)!

Tensing Norway

Salsa Dancing!

South Africa 🙂

I am beginning to think about what I will be able to offer and contribute during the course of our venture, and imagine I will turn mainly to practical skills and logistical/getting-on-with-stuff roles! However, I’m also hoping to step out of my comfort zone a bit, challenge myself and try to get involved a bit with: the music team, playing my flute; games and entertainment – I should have some songs in my head from the years of Scouts/Guides/church; and lastly I want to pass on some of my ideas and knowledge on Climate Change and Sustainability that I have been gaining over recent years… this is such an important part of our mission – Climate considerations must be communicated clearly and powerfully, to inspire a trail of conversation and action in our path, wherever we go.

Tiredness is now catching up with me, and I have a strange feeling that tomorrow is going to be another busy day, despite the conference closing today! We’re turning to the caravan and campaigning strategies to work around our concert and travel programme . Getting really fired up about what we’re working towards for the journey and the goal at Durban!


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