Regional African Youth Conference on Climate Change

[from iPod] After safe arrival in Kenya at the very nice conference centre at multimedia university, I’m settling in well. Sharing with a very lovel high school student with huge academic potential and ambition to go to Harvard to study climate science. I am inspired by Lucy’s knowledge of the world and her faith, and her positivity and talents have filled me with hope. The conference itself is amazing- have met about 130 of the caravan participants and we’ve completed introductions – I am the ony person from Europe other than the huge Norwegian delegation, which is pretty incredible – I feel like I have more of a reposibility to communicate this than imagined… I want to tell Europe! I want to shout out this message. Tech(nology) transfer has come up time and again this morning and there is a key focus on wind geothermal and hydro energy – Kenya is moving toward sharing their expertise but need to work to a better policy framework like zero tax on solar panels as in South Africa. With this amazing group of people and partnerships, I know change will sweep over every county. I will write more from my computer with the photos and videos this evening. I am so inspired to be here with this empowered group . Going to buy a phone now and lunch time! Tschuss!


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