Market day with Abingdon Carbon Cutters!

What a fantastic team of people out the in market square of my home town today! I was invited along by Abingdon Carbon Cutters to bring the We Have Faith campaign’s petitions and share the the ClimateJAM mission there in the town centre… 


Enthusiastic members of Abingdon Carbon Cutters and local people get involved talking about climate change and signing the petition to the world leaders at the UN Climate negotiations in Durban.

Big smiles all round and lots of support and excitement about the Climate Justice Africa Mission, and the opportunity to join the young people of Africa to get justice for their communities in the face of the threat of Climate Change.

Lots of local produce being sold – carrots being my favourite! We were giving out local apples, samples of apple cake and apple juice in this beautifully rich and fruitful harvest season. This is really such a time of celebration for me, as I feel so connected with the people and the planet around me. 

Possible shot for a press release to hand in to the local papers on Monday? I am a little anxious about this, but proud to be representing my country and my community at the United Nations summit. It is such a significant opportunity to be part of something really big and to make a difference.

Things are coming together well logistically, and I am really looking forward to meeting friends in Kenya on Wednesday, who have renewed my faith in the process and my hope for a better world. I know that this is a pivotal time in the Climate negotiations, and the youth of Africa have an incredibly important part to play. This year, with the UN meeting in Durban, there is a very unique opportunity for the human impact of Climate Change to be properly revealed and communicated to the world. It is my ambition to amplify this message, as loud as I can, by all means I can, to all the people I can, through participation and wide coverage of the Climate Justice Caravan and the Youth events at Durban.

Keep your eye out here, and I look forward to sharing experiences with you all in the coming weeks! God bless…


2 responses to “Market day with Abingdon Carbon Cutters!

  1. Dear Claire ,

    this is really amazing seeing that a WOMAN of your calibar has decided to make a world a better place for today`s and future generation via the Youth For Eco-Justice (Y4EJ) which is fast growing at local and international levels.

    Concretely speaking, its so inspiring when reading through your blog and you may count on me for the outreach.

    See you in Durban

  2. Anne and Peter Dodd

    All the very best Claire for this important and exciting (ad)venture. We`ll be following your blog and wishing you well from Nairobi to Durban. Anne and Peter Dodd

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