Sunny morning in Abingdon, UK, but solar tariff cut!

I woke up this morning to look out of my window to an autumn mist burning off the garden, and the sun streaming down to illuminate the brilliant rich colours of the plants and trees, and berries.

Sadly, about 5 minutes later, I logged onto my email to get an update from Business Green that the UK Government has decided to cut our Solar Generation incentives by half, making it 2 times harder for homeowners, communities, schools and businesses to invest and install solar panels to generate their own renewable energy.

As I had almost won the battle with my parents to persuade them it was a very worthwhile investment, we now have to reconsider the finances, as the payback period for the panels has suddenly doubled. It is looking like our installation won’t happen before the critical cut-off date of 8th December.

Now everything is hanging in the balance for solar energy initiatives and cooperatives all over the country as we wait to see the implications of this decision for our projects…


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