I’m going to Africa!!

I am so excited! I just got my email from Norwegian Church Aid in Kenya, confirming my place on the We Have Faith: Act Now caravan! Which means it’s all go – this, followed by Youth for Eco-Justice in Durban! I can’t believe it – God is so faithful to me, in responding to my most deep-set prayers!

Still need to find a way for Prince from the DR Congo to join us on the caravan – passports and visas are proving troublesome, so please pray for that to work out as well. Now I can properly get going with more media and NGO connections and finish up my fundraising to replace the savings I sent out! 😛

So here’s the itinerary:

  • End of October – media, fundraising, UK campaigning/activism/faith  groups
  • November 1st – fly out to Nairobi!
  • The We Have Faith: Act Now itinerary:
02.11-04.11 Regional African Youth Climate Change Conference, Nairobi.  This is a good avenue to learn more about how climate change affects Africa and how African youth are fighting it both with concrete measures in their countries and politically.
04.11 1st Climate Justice (or We have Faith?)-concert and the launch the caravan. This concert will be with Tensing Norway and African celebrities.
05.11-06.11 Workshop for all caravan participants The rest of the team learning all the songs and choreography.
07.11 Departure. Nairobi – Moshi
08.11 Moshi – Dar Es Salaam
09.11 Concert 
10.11 Dar Es Salaam – Iringa
11.11 Iringa – Chitimba
12.11 Chitimba – Lilongwe
13.11 Concert
14.11 Lilongwe – Chipata
15.11 Chipata – Lusaka
16.11 Concert
17.11 Lusaka – Livingstone Free afternoon in Livingstone. Perhaps have a small concert there for media purposes?
18.11 Livingstone – Palapye
19.11 Palapye – Gaberone   
20.11 Concert
21.11 Gaberone –Johannesburg
22.11 Concert in Soweto
23.11 Pretoria – Durban Perhaps better to sleep in Pretoria than Johannesburg due to heavy traffic in the mornings?
24.11 Day of resting?
25.11 Rehearsing for the interfaith rally together with 1000 youth from the region. Partners in SA will help mobilize, and the participants will join in a mass choir for the Interfaith Rally.
26-27.11 Conference of the Youth Youth globally are mobilizing for this conference. They will teach each other about the politics and advocacy and make plans for how to influence the COP.
27.11 Interfaith rally – Concert! At the FIFA world CUP Stadium. Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson have confirmed their attendance. Performance together with a mass choir of 1000 youth from the region.
28.11 COP 17 starts This could be used as a day to relax. Or perhaps the caravan can be present and sing at the entrance of the conference centre?
29.11 – 03.12 Concerts? In collaboration with YMCA- SA
03.11 Civil Society March Possible with a walking concert?
  • November 26th – Youth for Eco-Justice programme in Durban

Sunday, 27 November: Welcome and orientation Participation in the inter-faith rallye in the FIFA soccer stadium

Monday, 28 November: Eco-justice in our local contexts The Triple Crisis: Global Perspectives on Finance, Development and Environment

Poverty, power and the environment: Global trends and case studies on climate change and water

Tuesday, 29 November Exposure visits

Wednesday, 30 November Exploring theological and ethical perspectives on Creation and Justice

Thursday, 1 December “Green Economy” simulation game Cultural Evening

Friday 2 December “Eco-nomy” of life – Approaches and controversies Vision casting

Saturday, 3 December 2011 Developing project plans

Sunday, 4 December 2011 Participation in the COP inter-faith celebration

Monday, 5 December – Wednesday, 7 December Participation in civil society activities in the context of COP17. Meetings with ecumenical delegates to COP15, experts on campaigning and advocacy, government delegates and faith activists.

Thursday, 8 December Revisiting the project plans Presentations and feedback on project plans

Friday, 9 December Presentations and feedback on project plans (ctd.) Recapitulation and Evaluation Closing celebration

  • December 10th – Bus to Cape Town for a fleeting visit
  • December 12th – fly home!

Enormously excited now, and rushing around to get everything organised before leaving a week on Tuesday! 😀 Thank you everyone for your support! This is going to be an amazing opportunity to join the global youth movement for climate justice… more on that around the site, which I will now be developing daily and adding more content as it comes – keep your eyes on ClimateJAM!


2 responses to “I’m going to Africa!!

  1. Chris Halliwell

    I’ll be very much with you in spirit Claire – every blessing for safe travels and a wonderful experience
    Revd. Chris Halliwell

    • Thank you so much, Chris! I will keep you posted and I very much look forward to visiting Lancashire on my return. Perhaps I can organise a presentation to give? Thanks again for your support and generosity. Blessings, Claire

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