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Welcome to Climate Justice Africa Mission’s blog page, a.k.a. “Climate JAM” for short. My aim is to collaborate between the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC), the African Youth Climate Initiative (AYICC), “We Have Faith: Act Now for Climate Justice!” and other youth organisations, campaigners & activists travelling to the UN Climate Summit in Durban from November 28th-December 9th 2011.

Together, we are combining efforts to fundraise for the Climate Justice Caravan, an exciting and highly ambitious project to allow a group of over 100 young people to travel from Nairobi, Kenya, leaving in early November, down to Durban, South Africa, in time for the start of the conference at the end of the month. The youth joining the Caravan will be rehearsing and performing Climate-themed concerts in 6 countries as they make the journey down to the south coast of Africa, building solidarity and engaging with local people affected by Climate Change.

A map can be found on the Journey page of this site, and other pages are currently still in development.

At the moment, efforts are being focussed on raising funds for as many African young people as possible to be able to join the Climate Justice Caravan. Bearing in mind, these are people with first-hand experience of the sharp end of Climate Change, and the severe impact on human life in the poorest and most vulnerable communities on earth.

If you can offer any amount of financial support towards the project, this would go a long way to taking some of the most important Climate Change stories and messages to the world leaders in Durban later this year. Only by making these voices heard will the affects of Climate Change be properly communicated and re-humanised at the Summit. The more African & indigenous people can be empowered to speak out, the more likely we will gain a fair and binding deal at Durban. Please consider helping with a donation (at the top of the page) and by spreading the word to friends and family who also may be able to contribute.

This blog will track and report on the progress of the Caravan, with videos, pictures, blog entries from participants and events and progress at the World Summit itself once the Caravan arrives in Durban. If you would like any more information, about the Caravan or the Climate Conference, please do not hesitate to get in touch at UKFundClimateCaravan@gmail.com


One response to “Welcome & Thanks for Visiting!

  1. Wow, what an amazing project! I travelled that way fromNairobi down through Moshi in 1971, I would love to see how it has changed. My thoughts go with you. Sally

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